Spring is here!

Well folks it is the middle of March and spring is rapidly approaching!  This is a very exciting time as we are able to glass deer antlers that are melting out of the snow and elk are just beginning to drop their antlers by the day!  
I took a road trip down to Utah with a shed hunting buddy and we had a blast!  Ended up with 13 deer antlers and found a nice 5x6 bull elk dead head that we unfortunately had to leave in the woods.  Different states have different laws when it comes to collecting antlers and the possession of dead animal heads.  Utah does not allow you to collect dead heads, unless you call the kill in with GPS coordinates and photos to Fish & Game.  If they investigate the kill and determine it was of a natural death, they will contact the person who found it and tell them they can retrieve the head.  
Last week, Alec and I trekked to Idaho in a snowstorm and turned up two big brown deer sheds.  Not sure how everyone else is finding them this season, but we are finding a lot of antlers low in elevation, even next to the road!
These next couple of weeks are going to be crucial in watching bachelor groups of bull elk and where they are migrating to.  We will be behind the binoculars and spotting scopes watching patiently....waiting for the second week of April when we are teaming up with the Montana boys (8 of us total!) for a 5 day shed hunting trip in the remote backcountry of Northeastern Montana.

Happy Spring ya'll!  Here are some pictures to fuel the fire!

*A good day in Utah!

*A big Idaho 'road shed'