Finding antlers before the snow covers them up!

Well here we are!  Fall, here in Jackson, WY has just about come to an end and winter is rapidly approaching!  The ground is starting to freeze and the snow is starting to stay on the shaded North facing slopes.  Regardless, we have been at it the past couple of days trying to find as many antlers as we can before the snow hides them til the Spring.  
It is hard to believe how fast this past year flew by and with the coming winter...comes finding the animals wintering grounds.  While most people will be consumed with skiing and the thought of that next powder face-shot, we will be scouring and glassing the mountains of WY, ID and MT keeping track of herds of mule deer and elk, in hopes of finding the spots where they shed their antlers. 
Here are a few pics of the recent antlers we have picked up...some old and some new.  All cool and awesome to find!