Early spring for the West!

Howdy ya'll!
The snow in the valleys around Jackson Hole are melting at a rapid pace and many mule deer antlers have been spotted and taken note of for opening day of shed season on May 1.  
Currently, most of our focus has been directed towards our neighbors, who are also having a mild winter after a big start.  Idaho, Montana and Utah all have some seasonal closures, however most national forest areas are open to shed hunting as long as you respect the wildlife and hike with integrity. Idaho is obviously the closest to us here in Jackson so we have been scouting and getting into national forest via snowmobiles.  With the quality of antlers we are seeing early on...there is only one thing to say: 2016 is gonna be a year to remember!  The wet spring of 2015 was perfect for feed in the highcountry, the deer and elk, and antler growth!  
Here are some picuters of OUR recent adventures in search of that 'brown gold' that we find FOR YOU!