About Us

It is hard to forget the first time you come across a shed antler in the woods.  Adrenaline takes over your body as you realize, you are the first human to stumble across that antler since it fell off the animals head.  It is magical. It is addicting.  We at Jackson Hole Antler - are addicted.

Since the beginning, our goal has been focused on creating the most unique crafts witht the best local product.  We take the time to ensure the work we produce honors the animals whose antlers we have found.  All of our crafts are created with antlers that we have personally found and that is what makes us so unique.  We are not antler buyers, but shed antler hunters that take pride in producing crafts with products we find in nature.  

We are owner/founders, Jeremy Berrian and Alec Genge, and have been hiking hundreds of miles each year around the western states for the past decade.  Both originally from Vermont, we were drawn to the west because simply stated: everything is bigger.  Bigger mountains to climb, bigger animals to hunt and large amounts of federally protected lands that hold the country's largest elk and mule deer populations. Our passion for wildlife borderlines addiction...from watching them throughout the winter, picking up their antlers in the spring, and hunting them during the fall - it is a year round passion!